Case Study

The challenge: A large e-commerce marketplace with an overblown range of member roles, configuring options, types of products, etc, which eventually lead to user confusion.

Proposed solution: a major overhaul to restructure the entire platform, reducing screen noise, better organizing the different website sections, and simplifying the navigation flow.

Final implementation: we cut down the number of internal pages, added a minimalistic design to the configuration pages and cleared up the unnecessary clutter. Moreover, we implemented a smart system of commonly-used default values in order to speed up the configuration process.

Designing a clutter-free navigation

The challenge: The navigation had grown out of proportion, with a huge number of menus, sections and sub-sections, making the website navigation flow slow and cumbersome.

Proposed solution: Reduce the navigation elements and to make them more intuitive and easy to use. The idea was to empower users to access the most relevant information with a single click.

Final implementation: Our final navigation has the different sections grouped by concept, prioritizing the common areas that are recurringly visited.