Case Study

The challenge: Etece is a micro-employment exchange service that was being freshly introduced to the Spanish market. As such, it implied a brand new business model overseas and therefore international users were not familiar with it.

Proposed solution: The first step was to analyze the target local market in order to understand its own linguistic and physiological triggers. Every market is unique, and so must be the interface implementation. As a result, a deep research was conducted, studying and dissecting other prominent service providers operating in that specific Spanish niche.

Final implementation: After our research, we concluded that the best way to illustrate the website's operating flow was to display similar case-study examples from previous users, as well as using a bi-color pattern representing the two different user roles: service provider and service receiver. These solutions helped introducing (and further indoctrinating) this type of micro-employment service into an whole untapped new market.


The challenge: Etece displayed 2 different user dashboards: one for service providers and one for service receivers. Some of the options were global across both user roles, and some others were specific, which added an unnecessary extra level of confusion.

Proposed solution: We designed one global dashboard template for every type of users, but the content fed to single dashboard would be filtered to be unique and relevant for each specific type of user.

Final implementation: We developed a comprehensive content delivery system to notify each member of the type of information that was truly and only relevant to him: his open tasks, the task completion level, pending payments and ratings, etc. This allowed us to minimize confusion and to implement advanced user behavioral metrics.

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