Case Study

The challenge: Userlytics is a platform that allows web admins to test and analyze their website's UX efficiency by inviting beta testers. These beta testers would perform a number of actions, and would provide feedback on whether they found the process intuitive or confusing. The challenge was to indoctrinate web admins about the importance of gathering real-world feedback from real-world users before launching a new UX design..

Proposed solution: Our goal was to help web admins to extract the best out of the beta testers' feedback. To that purpose, we added a sequence of explanatory tutorials at each step of the test configuration process, so they knew exactly what type of challenges they should present to the beta testers.

Final implementation: We divided the test configuration process in 3 separate steps, showcasing for each of them them a series "test done right" and "test done wrong" examples from previous customers. Furthermore, we showed them the outcome of such right vs. wrong case scenarios. As a result, our users quickly realized the exact type of tests delivering the most amount of intelligence from beta testers.

Keeping the options to a healthy minimum

The challenge: Userlytics service a great number of web admins managing a diverse range of projects: e-commerce websites, mobile apps, software solutions, etc. As such, the number of options within our configuration dashboard eventually grew out of control.

Proposed solution & final implementation: We identified the top-10 most common types of customers, and categorized them into 10 template questionnaires. Obviously, we would customize each template with the options that were only relevant for that specific type of customer.

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